Barcelo Maya Wedding Photographer Elvis Aceff for the beach wedding of Hannah from Connecticut US and Jonathan from Veracruz Mexico.

They  met through friends when Hannah was living in playa in The summer of 2013…Hannah was living with two friends and jhonny moved in one week later and She had no idea about this as her roommates did not tell her but they clicked . They had a long distance relationship. Hanhah parted ways after 6 months because she was studying in Australia and he was in Mexico. She went back to playa for vacation in 2014 and they immediately got back together and they have been together ever since. Hannah moved to Playa del Carmen again permanently in June 2015… he proposed in march 2016 and now they moved to NYC in September 2017.  They both speak English and Spanish fluently however mainly in Spanish together. They choose Barceló Maya because after visiting on a day pass there they fell in love with the beach there, the atmosphere of the hotel grounds and what the hotel has to offer for weddings.