Surprise Wedding Proposal at the Sunrise at the Magical Tulum. Christoph and Ashley are from Canada. I had the honor to be the photographer of this couple which are deeply in love. Ashley and Christoph met about two years ago through mutual friends and then they went on our first date 7 months later on October 1st, 2016. They dated for 1 year and 3 months till He proposed. They lived 5 km away from each other in Chilliwack, BC, Canada. Its a tradition from Ashley family to go to Tulum over Christmas and the New Year and last year (2016-2017) Christoph joined for the first time. In this trip they spent one morning at the sunrise and had a very romantic and nice time. Thats where He got the idea to propose on the Tulum beaches. Its a beautiful place and They  really enjoy it there. For her and her family its like a home away from home. Christoph liked the sunrise idea as its in a way a symbolism of their rising relationship that they are in the dawn of. Also because then they had the rest of the day to celebrate and spend together. She accepted to be with him after proposing. I wish to them all the happiness of the world. Elvis Aceff Tulum Wedding Photographer.